Coin representations of Etherium, Ripple and Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Litigation

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are gaining more attention as days pass. Aside from the advantages that cryptocurrencies have like anonymity and easy international transactions, people are enticed by the fact that it can become a good investment.

President Donald J. Trump signs the Section 232 Proclamations on Steel and Aluminum Imports. The start of a trade war?

The good, the bad and the ugly of a trade war

With President Trump signing an executive order that places a 25% and 10% tariff on steel and aluminum respectively, many fear it might be the start of a global trade war.

Are trade wars good as Mr. Trump says, or bad as many others say, and how ugly will it get from here on?

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US dollars and Euros - cash banknotes

Newest notes from around the world – how central banks device new ways to make counterfeiting onerous

The practice of counterfeiting notes is as old as the production of the notes themselves. With every change a government or institution made to its money, counterfeiters imitated it.


US CPI comes out strong, Retail numbers decline

The most recent US Consumer price Index, CPI for short, printed 0.5% compared to the expected 0.3% and is o.4% higher than last months 0.1%1

Besides the CPI number, the Census bureau released a worse than expected Core retail Sales m/m number. This lower number, 0.0% is lower than the already lower revised number of December (0.1%). A decline indicates consumer demand is cooling.


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FED New York

New York Fed economists question the future cryptocurrencies

In a recent Q&A-blog post, economists of the Fed of New York wrote: “Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies solve the problem of making payments in an environment where trust is broken but it’s unclear whether that’s a dilemma that needs to be solved”.

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Cryptocurrency Mining Farm

Rumours about crackdown on bitcoin miners are slowly clearing

A recent news report from financial news site Caixin provides more clearance about the spreading rumors that the Chinese government is trying to crack down on miners.

It states that the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) did not hold an internal meeting on January 3, nor did they discuss a moratorium on Bitcoin mining.

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euro coins and bank notes

Euro ends 2017 on high note

The euro was able to end 2017 strongly. It won against all major currencies and gained 15% against the dollar this year. This rise resulted in a closing price of around 1.20 on Friday 29 December 2017.

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Minister Zhong Shan

China trade minister pledges easier market access for foreign investors

China will make it easier for foreign investors to access the country, protect their rights and ensure a fair and transparent investment environment, Trade Minister Zhong Shan said in comments published on Sunday.

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Mifid II Goes in effect next week

It’s been on the minds of fund managers and bankers alike, the new European regulatory guideline MiFID II, which is short for Markets In Financial Instruments Directive Level II, goes into effect as of January 2018.

It are rules that financial institutions across the European Economic area (of which 31 countries are part) must adhere to if they wish to sell investment products or provide advice to clients.

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Euro heads into 2018 at one month highs

The euro is trading up 0.3% against the dollar at around $1.1930 against the US Dollar after rising as high as $1.1946 earlier on Thursday as the US Treasury yields fall helped the pair to overcome the trendline support in its crawl higher.