How we use these small bits of code to make your web experience better. Login uses cookies to allow you to browse to different pages and go to different segments of the site without losing track of where you have been as well as things like language selection and email address. These cookies contain no personal information whatsoever, merely a pointer allowing to find where you left off last time when you come back.

The cookies are ‘per-session’ cookies, i.e. they are destroyed when you close your browser. If you have chosen the option for your browser not to accept such cookies, you will not benefit from this feature and will have to re-authenticate yourself each time you log in to a different client application of the authentication service.

A persistent cookie may be created for your convenience in order to record your choice of language, and at your discretion, your email address or other personal information needed to give you fun browsing experience. In the absence of this cookie, the default language is English.